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3 Secret Tips Before You Buy A Used Car

I have always purchased my cars used. And every single time, I got a great deal because of a few secrets that is easy to do.

These secrets will save you money. And the good news is there is no luck involved.

If you follow these steps you are guaranteed to save lots of money, so please pay attention.

BUYING A USED CAR Power Tip #1 - Check Consumer Reports on the safest cars out there. Looks are one thing, but never ignore safety.

Here's what you do: Go to a reputable car repair shop and ask if you can bring the vehicle by for a look-over.

There is a 99% chance they will say "yes".

While you're there, ask what cars they have to repair most often. Also, ask what the inspection includes, how long it takes, and the price. Always get this information in writing - just to be safe.

Once the vehicle has been inspected, ask the mechanic for a written report with a cost estimate for all necessary repairs.

Be sure the report includes the vehicle's make, model and VIN. If you decide to make an offer to the dealer after approving the inspection, you can use the estimated repair costs to negotiate the price of the vehicle.

Do you see how easy it is?

Are you going to purchase from an individual? If yes, then here is your next tip.


Remember, private sellers generally are not covered by the Used Car Rule and don't have to use the Buyers Guide. However, you can use the Guide's list of an auto's major systems as a shopping tool.

It's simple.

You can ask the seller if you can have the vehicle inspected by your mechanic. If he/she says no... beware. No matter how nice the car appears, something fishy is going on.

Now, a private sale likely will be on an "as is" basis, unless your purchase agreement with the seller specifically states otherwise. If you have a written contract, the seller has to live up to the contract.

The car also may be covered by a manufacturer's warranty or a separately purchased service contract. But that doesn't mean that the warranty and service contract are transferable.

Plus, other limits or costs may apply. Before you buy the car, ask if it's still under warranty or service contract, and review that baby carefully.

Some states will require vehicle sellers to pass a vehicle inspection before a sale is made. That's not always the case, though. To find out what your state requires, contact your state Attorney General's office or a local consumer protection agency.

Hey, it's just a phone call. And it will take less than 5 minutes.

Whether you end up buying a used car from a dealer, a co-worker, or a neighbor, follow these tips to learn as much as you can about the car:


Examine the car carefully yourself using an inspection checklist. You can find a checklist in many of the magazine articles, books and Internet sites that deal with buying a used car.

Once I bought a used car in August, and never thought to test the rear defroster. Guess what? Come November, I found out it didn't work. If you're shopping in the summer, don't forget to check the heater. And if it's cold as ice outside, still turn that air on full blast and make sure it works!

Test drive the car under varied road conditions--on hills, highways, and in stop-and-go traffic.

Ask for the car's maintenance record. If the owner doesn't have copies, contact the dealership or repair shop where most of the work was done. They may share their files with you.

Talk to the previous owner, especially if the present owner is unfamiliar with the car's history.

Have the car inspected by a mechanic you hire.

There you go.

Follow those three "used car buying" tips and you are guaranteed to save a ton of money buying a used car.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 7 Reasons To Sell Your Car Online FREE

In this article, Mr Sampson Cooper of the used car sales website UKAutoSearch reviews the problems car sellers face when advertising their cars in traditional print media, and highlights the real advantages that sellers experience when advertising their cars free of charge on the Internet.

So, you want to sell your car?

> Maybe you are buying a new car

> Perhaps you are getting a company car

> Has your family outgrown your present car?

Whatever the reason for your wanting to sell your car, car sellers agree that selling a car can be a very stressful experience. The commonest concerns sellers have are:

1. "Will I get a good price for my car?" (i.e. will a buyer haggle hard and pressurise me into letting the car go for a low price?)


2. "How long will it take to find a buyer for my car?" (i.e. if I hold out for the price I want, will I be left without a buyer?)

The traditional option is to take out an advert in the weekly Autotrader magazine. For about £35, you get a 2-week advert which allows you to include one small photo of your car, and about 200 characters of free text.

If you submit your advert before the Monday deadline, it will appear in that week's edition which comes out either on Thursday or Friday morning. There are a number of regional editions, and you can choose which regional edition you want your advert to appear in.

Problems with advertising in Autotrader

Advertising in the print media sounds like a reasonable idea until you experience first-hand the crippling limitations of this proposition. Remember, the concept of advertising cars in print media has been around since the 1970's, and is certainly showing it's age:

1. Because you get only a limited number of words, you have to cram as much information about your car into the smallest number of words.

> This has given rise to a whole specialist lingo, with terms like "r/c/l" (remote central locking) coming into existence for no reason other than to save space in an Autotrader advert!

2. You get only one photo, so you have to try to convey an impression about your car in one image.

> Imagine you were going to buy something worth thousands of pounds - would you be impressed and satisfied with just one photo?

3. Because you know that your advert will run for only 2 weeks, you may be indirectly pressurised into accepting a lower price for your car than what you expected.

> Suppose someone turns up to see your car on the last day of the 2 week period and offers you £500 less than your asking price... would you accept it for a quick sell or would you hold out for the price you think your car deserves, and be prepared to re-advertise for another 2 weeks?

Faced with the uncertainties and stress of traditional print-based car advertising, car sellers in the USA, UK and Europe have been turning to the Internet to find a more relaxed and productive way of selling their cars.

Top 7 reasons to advertise your car online

Advertising your car on the Internet has some unique advantages compared with traditional print advertising.

Our customers have consistently identified the following 7 features of online advertising which they say have made the difference between getting the price they want for their cars, and having to compromise for a lower price:

1. It is usually significantly cheaper to advertise your car on a website.

> Disk space and bandwidth are cheaper than paper, ink and magazine distribution, and tremendous savings are made by not having to print and distribute a magazine. These savings can be passed on directly to the seller.

> Car adverts at are FREE until sold, compared to the £35+ cost of a 2-week Autotrader advert.

> is entirely supported by corporate advertising, and does not charge sellers for the service.

2. Online adverts can include a lot more information about your car than adverts in magazines.

> Car adverts at can have 10,000 characters (2000 words) of free text description, compared to approximately 200 characters in an Autotrader advert.

3. Online sellers can include multiple photos of their cars.

> Every FREE advert can have 10 photos of your car. For just £12.99, our sister site allows 25 photos in each advert. Photos can be upto 1Mb in size.

4. Sellers can update / modify adverts at any time, even when the adverts are "live".

5. Anyone in the world with an Internet connection can view your advert.

> This means that people further afield who may still be interested in your car will be able to view its specifications online, without your having to spend more money on adverts in magazines serving neighbouring regions. The end result is that more buyers compete for your car.

> Car adverts at are also advertised on Google and othe r search engines, increasing the number of people who can see your car online.

6. Your car advert will be online and active immediately - the turnaround time between submitting your advert and it being active is typically a lot shorter than in print media.

7. Some websites such as and will actively advertise your car until it is sold. So you do not have to accept the first offer you get.

Sell your car online FREE, today

To advertise your car for sale today, simply register at . Remember, it costs nothing at all to advertise online, so you have nothing to lose!

About the author:

Sampson Cooper is Customer Service Manager at, a used car sales website.

Written by: Sampson Cooper

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jason Statham Audi Superbowl Trailer

It may not be an advertisement for Transporter 4 but it might as well be. Only this trailer lacks any sort of wow or imagination to it. Its just Jason Statham behind the wheel and apparently that is enough to sell audis.

Checkout the TV spot below which will air during the Superbowl. Do you have the urge to suddenly go buy an Audi? Does it feel like Transporter to you?

Price comparison: Honda main dealer vs. Supermarkets

2006 55 Reg Honda Civic 2.2 i-CTDi Sport with 35,537 miles, for £8,499.
Whereas the best deal we could find on Honda’s website was this:
2006 06 Civic Sport 2.2 i-CTDi Sport, with 29,890 miles, for £ 9,995

Most people think main dealers are expensive. But, in the current market you have to look at every car on a case-by-case basis.

Most people only shop for cars to test drive on a classified website of cars for sale. This leads them to first of all find the kind of cars they are interested in.

As an example, we have been looking for a two and half to three year old Honda Civic diesel (i-CTDi ) in Sport trim.

Then, because of the nature of classified website listings most people start to compare price and mileage. The car with the lowest combination of both is often assumed to be the best value car – because it is the cheapest.

Used Car Expert set out to see if that’s true…
So first stop, of course, was the Used Car Expert price guide, which revealed that average mileage is about 25,000, that a fair price is £10,500, the low price is £10,992 and the best price we can expect is £8,911.

Looking on the major classified websites, within a 60 mile radius of home, we were instantly struck by this little beauty from one of the big supermarkets:

So what's the catch? That's a £1,496 saving for two cars that look pretty much the same.

Well there are potentially 3 catches with this car:

1. The mileage
The cheaper car has 5,500 miles more on the clock and is a thumping 10,000 miles above average for diesel Honda Civics.

2. The service and repair costs
The service interval for the 2.2 diesel Civic is every 12,500 miles or every year, whichever is the sooner.

So both cars should have their first two services and will need another one at some point in the coming year.

The main dealer car has a complete service history, and is prepared to Honda’s used approved programme, which should mean it will be 12 months until you have to pay for a service. At £247 for a service, this is good news.

With the cheaper car, that bill could be just a couple of months away.

Plus, the cheaper car will be at the end of its manufacturer warranty. The dealer selling the cheaper car will offer you a warranty, which is from the AA, but it will cost at least another £250. Whereas the main dealer car comes with extended 12 months warranty included in the price.

3. The preparation, especially the recalls
As you can see in our ‘behind the scenes’ features, a used approved Honda is prepared to ‘as new’ standard; having every imperfection repaired.

If the cheaper car has any interior damage or a couple of body work dents (such as trolley dents in the doors) then each one will cost at least £50 to put right and bring the car up to the equivalent standard of the main dealer car.

The car will also be serviced (if required) so that breakdown is less likely and you will get roadside assistance worth another £100.

Then there are the safety recalls…

Some Honda Civics built between 13/09/2005 and 12/10/2007 are subject to a recall, where the car will have its handbrake assembly replaced for free. This is because it has been identified that if the handbrake is applied with the release button depressed, there is a small risk that the handbrake may not latch sufficiently to hold the vehicle securely on a slope.

Any car sold by a main dealer will have had all such recalls completed. Cars bought from independents may not.*

The main dealer car is not £1,496 more expensive than the supermarket car.

If you take the servicing savings, warranty, roadside cover and bodywork repairs into account, it is less than £899.

For a car that has done 5,000 miles less, is less likely to break down, has had its safety recalls, won’t cost a penny in repairs for the year ahead (there is a full manufacturer backed warranty), I think, even though it is more money, in the long-run, it’s the better value deal.

2006 55 Reg Honda Civic 2.2 i-CTDi Sport with 35,537 miles, for £8,499.

Used Approved Vauxhall (Network Q)

Used Car Expert ask, "What do I get if I buy a Network Q Vauxhall?"

Are the cars inspected?
“Every Network Q vehicle is subjected to a rigorous series of checks, related to the age of the vehicle, with Vauxhall technicians testing everything from engine performance to paint work. And if we do find anything amiss, we'll make sure it’s put right before allowing a vehicle to carry the Network Q badge.”

Do they have a history check?
“The details of your car are checked to ensure they match the manufacturer's description and the details originally recorded by the DVLA, have no outstanding finance, never written off, or stolen. The mileage is checked and the Vauxhall Recall Register is checked to make sure any necessary work has been correctly carried out.”

What kind of cars do you sell?
“Any used car.”

What’s included…
Warranty? “Comprehensive 12 months/20,000 mile Guarantee, plus a brakes, battery and clutch guarantee.”

Exchange policy? “In the unlikely event that the vehicle details given in the Network Q Ownership Promise are subsequently found to be incorrect, the supplying Network Q Retailer will replace your vehicle with a similar model within 30 days, or if this is not possible, offer you a full refund.”

Recovery? “No.”

What else should I know?
“You can take delivery of your new vehicle the same day thanks to Vauxhall Motor Insurance and Phone & Go – 7 days free insurance now comes as standard with every Network Q vehicle.”

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All-new Mazda3 - Prepare for exhilaration

The eagerly anticipated New Mazda3 made its world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show on 19 November. California was honoured with a first look at the 4-door sedan version of this landmark sports compact. It wasn't until 3 December that the 5-door hatchback burst onto the global stage, at the Bologna Motor Show in Italy.

The all-new Mazda3's bold new look - strikingly sporty and aggressive - is what future Mazda cars will have to live up to and every feature of the all-new Mazda3 attests to the precision and dedication of Mazda's engineers.

The quiet, refined yet stimulating ride was perfected through thousands of miles on the test track and on real roads. The rewarding performance and reassuring safety were tweaked under extremes of temperature, altitude and speed to provide a car that will stimulate your senses like never before.

Inside, the dynamic-feeling cockpit provides an impressive range of technology literally at your fingertips. And there's advanced engine technology too, with a choice of powerful engines that are economically and environmentally responsible.

The all-new Mazda3 is the most stunning expression yet of Mazda's next-generation design. Soon you'll see for yourself just how exhilarating it is.

Just Watch this space

Get a New Car for FREE !

You really can drive a new car for FREE!
All you need to do is drive a certain amount of mileage every day and agree to the car carrying advertising like you see on rally cars and taxis. It works because the car becomes a moving billboard seen by thousands of people and advertisers are happy to pay while you drive for free apart from petrol and insurance.

Or get paid to drive your existing car!
If you already have a car you're happy with, you can earn extra income every month, by agreeing to carry advertising on your car. You can earn from £50 to £1500 per month depending on the size of the ad - the larger it is, the more you earn!

Show the world how different you are!
Carrying modern, stylish advertising makes you stand out from the crowd. The car looks cool and different and it’s easier to find in a car park! The ads are vinyl (some are magnetic), won't damage the paint, and even help protect it from stone chippings!

Act now - what are you waiting for!
We’ve worked hard to find the best ad companies’ in the United Kingdom, all of which are listed in our Members’ area. Each of these gives contact information and a direct link to their application forms. We’ve also created some tips and hints on how to improve your chances of acceptance so why not try searching for a programme available in your area today!

Just go right now here

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The Audi A5 Cabriolet A new Expetation

There are certain moments that you will have experienced again and again. And yet they feel utterly new every time. Because everything seems more intense. Because you experience them more deeply than usual. And because you see things you never noticed before. A trip in the Audi A5 Cabriolet is precisely one such moment. Because you are swapping the ordinary for the extraordinary. And you can sense that this is more than just a new Cabriolet. It is a new

Audi exclusive

Displacement, Displacement,
cubic cm (valves
per cylinder)
Engine Cylinder seconds
Max. power1,
PS at rpm
Max. torque,
Nm at rpm Transmission
CO2 emissions2,
g/km Top speed, mph3
ABI insurance
1.6 4-cylinder 1595 (2) 102/5600 148/3800 5-speed manual 167 12.5 114 9E*
1.8 TFSI 4-cylinder 1798 (4) 160/5000-6200 250/1500-4200 6-speed manual 159 8.2 135 14E
1.8 TFSI 4-cylinder 1798 (4) 160/5000-6200 250/1500-4200 7-speed S tronic 156 8.0 135 16E
2.0 TFSI 4-cylinder 1984 (4) 200/5100-6000 280/1800-5000 6-speed manual 169 7.4 144 16E
2.0 TFSI 4-cylinder 1984 (4) 200/5100-6000 280/1800-5000 6-speed S tronic 171 7.3 144 16E
1.9 TDI 4-cylinder 1896 (2) 105/4000 250/1900 5-speed manual 134 12.3 115 11E
2.0 TDI 4-cylinder 1968 (4) 140/4200 320/1750-2500 6-speed manual 139 9.7 127 12E
2.0 TDI 4-cylinder 1968 (4) 140/4200 320/1750-2500 6-speed S tronic 148 9.4 127 12E

Gross weight
limit unbraked
with 12%
with 8%
rear seats
rear seats
Fuel tank capacity
approx, litres Urban Extra Urban Combined
1330 1830 700 1200 1500 260 674 55 29.4 (9.6) 51.4 (5.5) 40.4 (7.0)
1425 1925 750 1400 1700 260 674 55 31.4 (9.0) 50.4 (5.6) 41.5 (6.8)
1455 1955 750 1400 1700 260 674 55 31.4 (9.0) 52.3 (5.4) 42.2 (6.7)
1435 1935 750 1400 1700 260 674 55 28.2 (10.0) 50.4 (5.6) 39.2 (7.2)
1485 1985 750 1400 1700 260 674 55 28.5 (9.9) 47.9 (5.9) 38.2 (7.4)
Weights, kg Max. trailer load5, kg Volumes Fuel consumption, mpg (l/100km)
Technical details
1425 1925 750 1400 1700 260 674 55 44.1 (6.4) 65.7 (4.3) 55.4 (5.1)
1475 1975 750 1400 1700 260 674 55 42.2 (6.7) 64.2 (4.4) 53.3 (5.3)
1495 1995 750 1400 1700 260 674 55 36.7 (7.7) 64.2 (4.4) 50.4 (5.6)

CO2 emissions-based Vehicle Excise Duty
Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Fund Licence) is based upon the
amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) a vehicle emits, measured
in grams per kilometre (g/km). The DVLA has created
seven categories:
Petrol and Diesel engines
A – up to 100g/km £0.00
B – 101 to 120g/km £35.00
C – 121 to 150g/km £120.00
D – 151 to 165 g/km £145.00
E – 166 to 185 g/km £170.00
F – 186 to 225g/km £210.00
G – over 225g/km £400.00
CO2 data and information
Additional information
Servicing tailored to your needs
Regular servicing is key to safeguarding your Audi’s
performance and a full Audi service history could help
you preserve the future re-sale value. To make servicing
easy, the Audi Service Schedules have been designed to
work with your individual driving style and vehicle.
There are two schedules available and your Audi Centre
will advise which schedule is most suited to your needs.
The conventional fixed Audi Inspection Service schedule
has fixed intervals for the Oil Change and Inspection
Service that are based on time and distance, whichever
comes first. With the Audi LongLife Service schedule,
sensors take account of driving style and conditions in
which the vehicle is used to indicate when the Oil Change
Service is required. Oil Change Service intervals are
therefore variable and are conveniently indicated via the
on-board service interval display.
Fixed Audi Inspection Service Intervals:
Oil-change Service Fixed to every 10,000* miles/1 year
Inspection Service Fixed to every 20,000* miles/3 years, then
every 20,000* miles/2 years thereafter
Audi LongLife Service Intervals:
Oil-change Service Variable to a maximum of every 20,000*
miles/2 years
Inspection Service Fixed to every 20,000* miles/3 years, then
every 20,000* miles/2 years thereafter
*As indicated by the service interval display. Mileages are approximate as the Service Indicator system uses kilometres as its distance measurement.

Prices and specifications given are correct
at the time of printing. Always check
details with your Audi Centre, as Audi
policies are continually developing. We
reserve the right to change prices or
specifications at any time.
All prices are subject to VAT, currently charged
at 15%.
Delivery charges and number plates are not
included in the vehicle price.
Delivery charge £471.30
Number plates £20.00
VAT £73.70
Total £565.00
Audi Roadside Assistance
Your new car comes complete with
complimentary roadside assistance and
recovery across the UK provided by RAC
Motoring Services. Also included is
roadside assistance throughout Europe,
managed by RAC Motoring Services.
Audi Customer Care
Every new Audi benefits from the
comprehensive Audi Customer Care
Package, which comprises:
• A 3-year Audi warranty, which covers
you for unlimited mileage in the first
2 years of ownership, with a full
mechanical and electrical warranty
which covers you for up to 60,000
miles in the 3rd year
• A 3-year paint warranty
• A 12-year anti-corrosion warranty
• Up to 3 years’ UK roadside assistance
and recovery
This package, together with Audi variable
Service intervals, offers a combination
unmatched by any other major
manufacturer. Contact your Audi Centre
for full details.
Audi Tax-Free Sales
If you are entitled to purchase a vehicle
free of VAT, normally through Military or
Diplomatic privilege, please contact your
local Audi Centre for full details.
Should you have any difficulty obtaining
the information you require, please call
Freephone 0800 585878.
Audi Finance
Audi Finance specialise in providing
funding solutions for Audi drivers. Whether
your Audi is for private or business use,
there are a range of funding options to
choose from.
Below is the full range of finance products.
• Solutions – a Personal Contract Plan
• Hire purchase
• Lease purchase
• Finance lease
• Contract hire
With all products, you can choose a fixedcost
maintenance plan designed to help
you budget accurately.
No matter what Audi model you choose,
your local Audi Centre can provide you with
a personalised quote which could fit your
budget and motoring needs.
Audi Finance is a trading name of Volkswagen
Financial Services (UK) Limited. An offer of
finance depends on certain conditions.
Available to people over 18 in the UK only.
Audi Insurance
Competitive comprehensive motor insurance
designed specially for Audi drivers. All new
Audi models come with complimentary
seven-day cover upon request – we'll email
a cover note directly to your Audi Centre,
enabling them to tax your car easily. This
way, you can drive straight out of the
showroom. Taking out an annual policy is
easy and can begin as soon as your free
seven-day cover expires.
For more information, contact your local Audi
Centre. Alternatively, call 0800 051 3146 for a
quote and to receive 7 days' complimentary
cover for your new Audi.
Audi Insurance is underwritten and
administered by Zurich Insurance Company.
Pricing information