Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sales Executive Renault required soon

NEW & USED CAR SALES EXECUTIVE - £12K + £35KOTE + CAR!! Renault Resourcing Centre seek an ambitious New & Used Car Sales Executive for an opportunity in Salisbury. You will be selling some of the safest and most technologically advanced vehicles on the planet to the retail public. Car sales experience is not essential for this role; however, a face-to-face sales background in a similar industry e.g. mobile phone sales, estate agency etc. is essential. You will be offered a competitive salary, an achievable £35K OTE and a company car. For further information please contact Nikki at Renault Resourcing Centre on 0845 601 3778 or DIRECT APPLICATIONS AND CV SUBMISSIONS TO DEALERSHIPS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Technician Job ---------------

Vehicle Technician - £23k + Bonus Must be fully qualified (NVQ level 3 or equivilent) and have main/independent dealer experience For more information please contact Renault Resourcing Centre on 0845 601 3778 or

Technician Leeds----------------

Vehicle Technician - £23700 Must be fully qualified (NVQ level 3 or equivilent) and have main/independent dealer experience For more information please contact Renault Resourcing Centre on 0845 601 3778 or

Candidate Hotline: 0845 601 3778

Renault Resourcing Centre
Infineon House
Minley Road
GU51 2RD

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SEAT unveils hybrid prototype

Hybrids are in vogue at the moment, particularly with the new Honda Insight in the spotlight this week, so SEAT has picked a good time to unveil its very own green petrol-electric car - the Leon Twin Drive Ecomotive.

SEAT's Twin Drive system is still in development, so the prototype unveiled at its Martorell Technical Centre in Spain is merely a glimpse of the maker's intention to up the green ante in the near future - but it means there are currently no economy or emissions figures to tell us if the Leon is a Prius-beater.

The Leon Twin Drive's electric motor is powered by lithium-ion batteries, and the car features extensive gearbox, braking, heating and cooling systems modifications.

Twin Drive works in a similar way to Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive tech - by running on electricity alone at town speeds, only using the petrol motor when more power is needed or the electric unit runs out of charge. It's a plug-in hybrid too, and it paves the way for a range of hybrid SEATs set to hit showrooms by 2014. The maker also wants to 'phase out the internal combustion engine' in future Ecomotive cars, which means it's already developing electric vehicles.

GM to launch electric car at Geneva

GM atlast release their electric Version of Modern Car 2010 version . This a is just a Architecture. See the snap of it

Airy concept from Mitsubishi

Given the strong emphasis on green technology at the Detroit Motor Show, it's highly likely that we can expect the same from the Geneva Show in March. The latest sneak preview comes in the form of Mitsubishi's excessively titled i MiEV Sport Air concept.

The first part of the show car's name indicates that it is based on Mitsubishi's diminutive 'i' city car, while 'MiEV' stands for Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle.

A powerful lithium-ion battery pack nestles within the floorpan of the concept, which aids packaging, but also lowers the car's centre of gravity to help to provide it with better dynamics - that's where the Sport bit comes in.

Mitsubishi wants electric cars to be portrayed as sexy and fun to drive, so the Geneva concept takes the form of a teardrop-shaped two-seat coupé.

The final touch - as denoted by the 'Air' in the name - is an open-top Mitsubishi calls the 'clear cutaway'.

Whether this concept will ever see the light of a Mitsubishi showroom is unclear, though the Japanese company has already begun to sell electric versions of its more conventional 'i' car.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you know about Autoweb?

Do you know about Autoweb?

It is a website where you can advertise your car for Free - No catches.

You can advertise up to 3 cars with a photo for each.
You can also browse 1000's of other vehicles that are currently for sale.

Autoweb will always be free to the public.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fusion 1-4: 34mpg.* Fusion Hybrid 41 mpg. The 2010 Fusion +HYBRID

Performance /The Thrill

Here’s to the asphalt addicts. ( You know who you are ) . The nuances of a fine-tuned suspension .Increases in engine displacement without dogging fuel economy. ( A best-in-class 34 mpg* on the highway,by the way . All of it gets your pulse going .Embrace that Obsession. Obviously,we do

Fuel Efficiency

You would think that an 1-4 engine with a six-speed transmission is all about fuel economy . But notwith Fusion. We increased the displacement of our 1-4 from 2.3L to 2.5L to up the horsepower. Took us from 160 to 175 horses. Crazy thing is fuel economy went up with it-a best-in-class 34 mpg*. Quick and efficient .That’s how we like it.

3.5L V6 Sport with Six-Speed Select Shift

New to the Fusion Lineup, this engine has a dual overhead cam and four valves per cylinder delivering 263 horses. It’s got ground effects, a sport-tuned suspension, rear spoiler and 18- inch painted aluminum wheels . Not to mention the addition of six-speed selectshift automatic transmission that lets you shift your own gears with a flip of a switch and without the hassle of a clutch.

AdvanceTrac with ESC

Advance Trac electronic stability control ( ESC) is standard equipment on every Ford Fusion .This system (besides being a mouthful) automatically applies the brakes and adjusts engine torgue to help maintain control in case of wheelslip, understeer or oversteer . This ,in turn ,helps keep all four wheels firmly planted. Exactly where you want them.

All-Wheel Drive

The available class –exclusive .All-Wheel-Drive System automatically reacts to wheelslip by redirecting power to the wheels with the best traction. Within milliseconds . So you don’t lose grip despite the ice, snow,mud and gravel that get in the way.

All these comes with a very Budget Price of $ 23,000 Approx.

2010 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss Edition

Now that the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren will cease production in May, the company is crowning the exclusive model line with one final variant to outdo all the others. Considering how special the SLR McLaren already is, it couldn’t have been easy coming up with the end-all-be-all SLR for the history books.

Well, Mercedes seems to have done it with the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss edition.

The company created a car so arcane that only the most extreme car enthusiasts would ever see the point of it, let alone want to pay 750,000 euros (about $1.02 million at current exchange rates). Not that they would even get the chance: Only current SLR McLaren owners will be considered for the privilege of buying one of the 75 being built. None will be sold in the United States.

The new SLR is a rolling homage to Mercedes’ racing heritage. It’s named in honor of legendary British racer Stirling Moss, who in 1955 set a speed record by driving an equally legendary Mercedes 300 SLR to victory in the Italian Mille Miglia, a thousand-mile cross-country race so grueling and dangerous that it was banned after a fatal crash in 1957 that killed two participants and 11 spectators.

Like the 1955 Mercedes 300 SLR race car, the new SLR Stirling Moss doesn’t have a roof or windows. Minuscule “wind screens” in front of the driver and passenger are designed to divert wind over occupants’ heads, although they’re probably not nearly as effective as a full windshield when driving the car at its top speed of 217.5 mph.

But getting pelted by road debris and having your face peeled back by the forceful onrush of wind is all part of the experience of owning an SLR Stirling Moss. After all, the car’s namesake was tough enough to withstand such a ride for 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds in the 1955 Mille Miglia, with only an open-face helmet and goggles as protective gear.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Before you buy a Ford KA, KA2/3, StreetKa 10 common faults or wear items that you should check for

Before you buy a Ford KA, KA2/3, StreetKa (1996 - Present) there are 10 common faults or wear items that you should check for. Our research amongst the experts that work on this specific model everyday, has identified:

2 engine check(s) to make
4 interior item(s) that you need to ensure work
1 wear item(s) to spot on the suspension
1 area(s) on the bodywork to inspect
2 official recall(s) that should have been completed
Our three-stage process makes it easy (even if you know nothing about cars) to spot these potential problems. For each fault we tell you:

What to look for (this is written so that it is easy to understand even if you know nothing about cars)
What it means if you find the fault
What to do (here we give you the streetwise options)
Here is just one example check for the Ford KA, KA2/3, StreetKa (1996 - Present):
What to look for
During the test drive, notice whether the revs race (rise quickly) when you press the clutch to change gear.

What it means (if you find this fault)
Racing revs are usually caused by a faulty idle speed control valve, speedo sensor or throttle potentiometer. The car needs a diagnosis test.

What to do (your options)
Negotiate the repair completed. Budget £50 for a diagnosis test and £50 - £105 for the repair/part.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Watch the High Tec Cars President Obama will Use .

President-elect Obama’s new Cadillac Limousine

When Barack Obama is officially inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America next week, he will ride to the ceremony in a brand new Cadillac Limousine.

This all-new model of Cadillac Presidential Limousine sees Obama continue a long tradition of Presidential Cadillacs.

The inauguration takes place at the Capitol building in Washington on Tuesday 20 January, and Barack Obama will be riding there in style. His Cadillac Presidential Limousine is a completely new design, featuring all the latest Cadillac styling cues, and an interior fully equipped for presidential use.

Unsurprisingly, details of the new limo's extensive security features remain shrouded in the utmost secrecy - as they have done throughout what's been described as "an extreme testing regime". The car clearly has to withstand virtually any kind of attempt on the new President's life - we won't be finding out how it works anytime soon.

Luxury and security…
But, we can tell you that the cabin area Obama will occupy includes an "extensive executive compartment". This features seating for important meetings on the go, a good view of the outside world (through several inches of bulletproof glass, no doubt), and "useful mobile office features".

The presidential seal is embroidered on the rear seatback and door panels, and also displayed on the outside of the rear doors. Two flags are flown on the front fenders whenever the President is in residence - so to speak - the US national flag on the right, the presidential standard on the left.

Secret Service call it 'the beast'
LED spotlights illuminate these flags at night - demonstrating the Cadillac is more high-tech than its appearance might suggest. Flashing strobe and emergency lighting will almost certainly built in, along with run flat tyres, and immense armoured plating. Don't expect the windows to open. It is also likely to be four-wheel drive.

Changes compared to the previous presidential car, the 2004 Cadillac DTS Presidential Limousine used by President George W. Bush, include a more upright stance for better visibility. But otherwise Obama's new ride is of similar size and proportion. The US Secret Service reputedly refers to these heavyweight machines as 'the beast'.

While earlier presidential Cadillacs were modified and adapted by specialist independent limousine companies, since 1993 Cadillac and parent company General Motors have carried out all of the work in-house. "Cadillac is again honoured to provide a new Presidential Limousine," said Mark McNabb, North American vice president of Cadillac.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The best car in the World Today JAGUAR XF

It takes a car of great ability to distinguish
itself against the competition. To win an
award of the magnitude of the What
Car? Car of The Year 2008 (and
What Car?’s Executive Car of the
Year too), is considered a landmark
achievement; following up these two awards with
a further ten suggests that the new Jaguar XF is a
car to be reckoned with.
The new Jaguar XF is the first saloon-based
expression of Jaguar´s new ‘sporting luxury’ design
language. This new approach aims to blend
the refinement, features and space of a luxury
saloon with sports car styling and performance.
The results are nothing short of spectacular,
as recognised by Autocar, the UK’s top car
enthusiast’s magazine: the new XF picked up the
Autocar Design Award 2007.
But the car’s liquid, coupé-like lines needn’t
cast doubt on the car’s practicality, because
the XF magically provides comfortable space for
five adults, plus a big boot and generous interior
stowage. Top Gear Magazine dubbed it their ‘Limo
of the Year’ for its comfort, space and interior style.
And what an interior. Car Magazine’s ‘Interior of
the Year’ Award recognised the luxurious, stylish
qualities of the XF’s cabin. The world’s press
has praised features like the rotating air vents,
sophisticated interior lighting, and JaguarDrive
Selector™ control that rises genie-like from a
beautifully-fashioned centre console.
The static XF experience is rich enough, but move
out onto the road and things get even better.
Thanks to the best torsional stiffness in its class –
mated to a range of four brilliant engines – The
Sun’s Ken Gibson picked the XF as his Car of
the Year, while What Car? considers the XF ‘The
Most Exciting Car of 2007’.
Those engines range from an astonishingly refined
2.7-litre V6 turbodiesel – which earned the What
Diesel? ‘Diesel Car of the Year’ Award for the XF
– to a supercharged 4.2-litre V8. What Car? was
equally impressed: ‘Soothing and quiet, agile
and athletic… XF beats the best that Germany
and Japan can offer.’
The final say must go to What Car?’s Group Editor,
Steve Fowler: `The XF goes straight in there with
the very best cars from Jaguar`s past,’ he said.
‘And, given that the car market today is more
competitive than it`s ever been, it`s fair to say
the XF is the best car Jaguar has ever built.’

Top Cat
The Jaguar XF’s Press Awards
in full... so far
• Fleet World ‘Design of the Year’
(Editor’s Award)
• What Diesel? Diesel Car of the Year
• What Car? Car of the Year
• What Car? Best Executive Car of the Year
• The Sun Ken Gibson’s Car of The Year
• Autocar Design Award 2007
• What Car? ‘Most Exciting Car of 2007’
• Car Magazine ‘Interior of the Year’
• Top Gear ‘Limo of the Year’
• Auto Motor und Sport Best Import
Upper Middle Class (Readers’ award)
• Klaxon Magazine Car of the Year
(Category Winner)
• Caesar Magazine Car of the Year

Watch the Concepts car

So you know What Concepts cars are making if you are Pure Lover of Car then you will Love to watch it . These Cars are like Machine ,creation and arcitecture . If you really enjoy these then leave your comments what you like here most.

Watch the video

Cadillac Converj Concept

Top 10 Concept Cars

Concept cars are what make auto shows fun. Nobody really wants to see the latest evolution of a car that has existed for decades. No, the people want hope for the future, and more importantly, to know how soon they’ll be able to buy flying cars like in “The Jetsons.” Concepts give us an idea what can be achieved with a little creativity and innovative thought. Here are our picks for the top 10 concepts at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Audi Sportback concept
This slick ride is called “Sportback” because it has a hatchback instead of a trunk, and is rumored to be a carbon copy of the much-anticipated A7. Stefan Sielaf, Audi board member in charge of design, says the minimalist look is meant to help people focus on the overall shape, not flashy design tricks like those that adorn its competitors. It’s propelled by a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder turbo diesel that produces 225 horsepower, and will have Quattro all-wheel drive and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Cadillac Converj
If this sexy looking coupe is any indication, GM’s luxury brand is hot to trot in the race for zero emissions. Like the Chevy Volt, which is due to go into production by the end of 2010, the Converj is an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV), which means it will be equipped with an electric motor as well as a gasoline engine. The electric motor provides primary propulsion, while the gas-powered engine acts as a generator to recharge the vehicle’s batteries.

Chrysler 200C
This EREV Concept promises a 400-mile range, with 40 of those possible on 100 percent electric power. The 200C features goodies like a “panoramic multimedia touch screen,” which takes the place of all switches and levers, and can be customized down to the desktop background. It’s based on a shortened version of Chrysler’s rear-wheel drive platform. Designers tell us that the 200C’s sweptback nose and “wind-cheating shape” make better use of the ENVI drivetrain.

Fisker Karma S
When the Karma goes on sale in November for $87,900, it will be the first mass-produced plug-in electric vehicle sold in the United States. It will accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and has a top speed of 125 mph. Two electric motors send 408 horsepower and 959 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels, and the Karma will go about 300 miles on fully charged batteries and a full gas tank.

Kia Soul'ster
It’s a two-door, four-passenger, open-air utility vehicle with a canvas top that covers the rear seating row. Roll bar-style rails connect the half-top to the rear, and the front bumper features an anodized skid-pad insert, which is matched by anodized surfaces on the fender vents, roll bar header and 19-inch wheels. The headlights, fog lights and taillights all use blue-tinted LEDs, and the side vents and exterior-mirror turn signals incorporate a blue tint as well.

Lincoln C Concept
The C Concept is based on Ford Motor’s Global Small Car platform, which also hosts the Mazda3 and the European Ford Focus. The wheels are pushed to the corners and the low-slung appearance yields what Lincoln calls “go-cart visual stability.” The front end features an aggressive version of Lincoln’s signature double-wing grille, and the all-glass roof is cantilevered with a wide rear pillar and no center pillar. The rear doors open suicide-style.

Mercedes-Benz BlueZERO
These three cars could represent a monumental culture shift for the luxury carmaker. The BlueZERO E-Cell is a plug-in electric vehicle that can drive around 125 miles on a single charge. The BlueZERO E-Cell Plus adds a small 3-cylinder gasoline engine and has a range of more than 370 miles, while the BlueZERO F-Cell, has a fuel cell that converts compressed hydrogen into electricity. It can drive 350 emissions-free miles on one tank of gaseous hydrogen.

Subaru Legacy Concept
The concept is powered by a 3.6-liter, horizontally opposed boxer 6-cylinder engine that is mated to Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive. The engine is presumably this big because we’re looking at a sporting version of the new Legacy, as evidenced by the aggressively flared wheel arches and a front fascia that says “get out of my way.”

Volvo S60 Concept
The front is unmistakably Volvo, with an enlarged, trapezoidal grille flanked by sweeping LED headlights inspired by Viking longboats. Pronounced shoulders form a “double wave” belt line that runs the length of the car. In the rear, integrated exhaust tips and trapezoidal license-plate mounting space are topped by a retractable diffuser that improves aerodynamics. Inside, the floating center console is made of solid Orrefors crystal.

Volkswagen BlueSport
Boasting a top speed of 140 mph while managing to get a claimed 55 mpg on the highway, the turbocharged 2.0-liter diesel concept puts out 180 horsepower and 258 lb-ft at just 1750 rpm. Coupled to a 6-speed double-clutch transmission, the TDI engine launches to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. Vehicle weight is kept to a minimum (2,600 lbs) through extensive use of aluminum and other lightweight materials.

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