Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get a New Car for FREE !

You really can drive a new car for FREE!
All you need to do is drive a certain amount of mileage every day and agree to the car carrying advertising like you see on rally cars and taxis. It works because the car becomes a moving billboard seen by thousands of people and advertisers are happy to pay while you drive for free apart from petrol and insurance.

Or get paid to drive your existing car!
If you already have a car you're happy with, you can earn extra income every month, by agreeing to carry advertising on your car. You can earn from £50 to £1500 per month depending on the size of the ad - the larger it is, the more you earn!

Show the world how different you are!
Carrying modern, stylish advertising makes you stand out from the crowd. The car looks cool and different and it’s easier to find in a car park! The ads are vinyl (some are magnetic), won't damage the paint, and even help protect it from stone chippings!

Act now - what are you waiting for!
We’ve worked hard to find the best ad companies’ in the United Kingdom, all of which are listed in our Members’ area. Each of these gives contact information and a direct link to their application forms. We’ve also created some tips and hints on how to improve your chances of acceptance so why not try searching for a programme available in your area today!

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