Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We are paying $ 1500 for reading our Blog and visiting

Will it be not interesting if we pay you just for visiting our Blog everyday . Yes it is 100 % true . But it will be a limited offer untill we get 100 peoples . It need no paying no membership nothing all are FREE . Just subscribe for FREE and that is all . Believe us we will charge not a penny from you . If you have a Paypal account that is all .

Just read what is going to Happen :
For per quality article you write for our Blog we will pay $ 10 . Say if you give 5 article a day get $ 50 per day or say $ 1500 per month . If you post comments . I will pay $ 0.50 for per comments . So try to visit and start doing this work . For recommending friends for this Blog I pay $ 20 per person . So why not grab some money like this now . All these we are not doing to manipualte anyhow . But to aware you about work and our Community . We are going to shortly start a Community to aware about GREEN CARS . So we need like minded peoples for it . This is the Motive behind it .

Now the Terms & condition :

1) You need to give us your small description about you and a small article of Cars to qualify for this position .
2) It is first come first basis service .
3) Write us here
4) You can't surf from one IP address at a time , can't use the several computers from same Home .
5) Must have Paypal account .
6) We need a statistic chart to fill and send it back to us via Email everymonth .
7) Must provide us with Full Mailing address, valid Phone Number and Valid Email Address.
8) No Manupulation will be tolerate .

So here is just go on Please read the details soon . If anything you neec to know please write us soon

Terms & Condition may Change as per the requirement .

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