Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Airy concept from Mitsubishi

Given the strong emphasis on green technology at the Detroit Motor Show, it's highly likely that we can expect the same from the Geneva Show in March. The latest sneak preview comes in the form of Mitsubishi's excessively titled i MiEV Sport Air concept.

The first part of the show car's name indicates that it is based on Mitsubishi's diminutive 'i' city car, while 'MiEV' stands for Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle.

A powerful lithium-ion battery pack nestles within the floorpan of the concept, which aids packaging, but also lowers the car's centre of gravity to help to provide it with better dynamics - that's where the Sport bit comes in.

Mitsubishi wants electric cars to be portrayed as sexy and fun to drive, so the Geneva concept takes the form of a teardrop-shaped two-seat coupé.

The final touch - as denoted by the 'Air' in the name - is an open-top Mitsubishi calls the 'clear cutaway'.

Whether this concept will ever see the light of a Mitsubishi showroom is unclear, though the Japanese company has already begun to sell electric versions of its more conventional 'i' car.

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