Thursday, January 15, 2009

The best car in the World Today JAGUAR XF

It takes a car of great ability to distinguish
itself against the competition. To win an
award of the magnitude of the What
Car? Car of The Year 2008 (and
What Car?’s Executive Car of the
Year too), is considered a landmark
achievement; following up these two awards with
a further ten suggests that the new Jaguar XF is a
car to be reckoned with.
The new Jaguar XF is the first saloon-based
expression of Jaguar´s new ‘sporting luxury’ design
language. This new approach aims to blend
the refinement, features and space of a luxury
saloon with sports car styling and performance.
The results are nothing short of spectacular,
as recognised by Autocar, the UK’s top car
enthusiast’s magazine: the new XF picked up the
Autocar Design Award 2007.
But the car’s liquid, coupé-like lines needn’t
cast doubt on the car’s practicality, because
the XF magically provides comfortable space for
five adults, plus a big boot and generous interior
stowage. Top Gear Magazine dubbed it their ‘Limo
of the Year’ for its comfort, space and interior style.
And what an interior. Car Magazine’s ‘Interior of
the Year’ Award recognised the luxurious, stylish
qualities of the XF’s cabin. The world’s press
has praised features like the rotating air vents,
sophisticated interior lighting, and JaguarDrive
Selector™ control that rises genie-like from a
beautifully-fashioned centre console.
The static XF experience is rich enough, but move
out onto the road and things get even better.
Thanks to the best torsional stiffness in its class –
mated to a range of four brilliant engines – The
Sun’s Ken Gibson picked the XF as his Car of
the Year, while What Car? considers the XF ‘The
Most Exciting Car of 2007’.
Those engines range from an astonishingly refined
2.7-litre V6 turbodiesel – which earned the What
Diesel? ‘Diesel Car of the Year’ Award for the XF
– to a supercharged 4.2-litre V8. What Car? was
equally impressed: ‘Soothing and quiet, agile
and athletic… XF beats the best that Germany
and Japan can offer.’
The final say must go to What Car?’s Group Editor,
Steve Fowler: `The XF goes straight in there with
the very best cars from Jaguar`s past,’ he said.
‘And, given that the car market today is more
competitive than it`s ever been, it`s fair to say
the XF is the best car Jaguar has ever built.’

Top Cat
The Jaguar XF’s Press Awards
in full... so far
• Fleet World ‘Design of the Year’
(Editor’s Award)
• What Diesel? Diesel Car of the Year
• What Car? Car of the Year
• What Car? Best Executive Car of the Year
• The Sun Ken Gibson’s Car of The Year
• Autocar Design Award 2007
• What Car? ‘Most Exciting Car of 2007’
• Car Magazine ‘Interior of the Year’
• Top Gear ‘Limo of the Year’
• Auto Motor und Sport Best Import
Upper Middle Class (Readers’ award)
• Klaxon Magazine Car of the Year
(Category Winner)
• Caesar Magazine Car of the Year

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