Thursday, July 23, 2009

Concept T - an innovative off-road coupe Volkswagan

Until now, no sports car has been flexible enough in terms of drive properties to allow for driving off paved road surfaces. The concept T fills this gap. The off-road coupé is equipped with wing doors and harmonises the fascination of a thoroughbred sports car with the variability of a true off-roader, thereby bringing completely new lifestyle and leisure values within reach. As you would expect from an agile sports car, the concept T is characterised by its exciting body dimensions (4079 mm / 13 ft 4 in long, 1963 mm / 6 ft 5 in wide and 1450 mm / 4 ft 9 in high). The powerful exterior also incorporates short body overhangs (front 826 mm /2 ft 8 in, rear 686 mm / 2 ft 3 in) for off-road driving as well as a large number of high-tech features.

Wing doors
The wing doors are a highlight of the body both in terms of styling and technology. When opening, they simultaneously swing outwards slightly and move upwards steeply. The advantage: getting in and out is made especially comfortable, while the doors require comparatively little space out to the side when opened.
T-bar roof and rear soft top
The two halves of the roof at the front (T-bar roof) of the concept T can be removed in only a few motions. The rear roof module is constructed as a hardtop with integrated trunk lid, but can be removed as well to reveal even more of the sky.
Front design
Seen from the front, the concept T is characterised by its V-shaped radiator grille integrated in the bumper, as well as by the eye-like headlights. The headlights "float" between the bumper and the fenders in order to emphasise the off-road character of the car. The fenders themselves have wide cut-outs. The overall effect is that the 19-inch wheels are free-standing.
The concept car is propelled by a 177 kW / 241 h.p. V6 engine. This power is fed to the wheels by 4MOTION all-wheel drive in conjunction with an automatic gearbox (Tiptronic). The concept T accelerates to 100 km/h (62.5 mph) in 6.9 seconds and its top speed is electronically limited to 230 km/h (144 mph).

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