Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Find OUT More about Electric Evolution. BE a Part of IT

We believe the best way to address the problem of emissions is simply not to produce any emissions at all.

The Renault-Nissan alliance is leading the global automotive industry in developing zero-emission vehicles and bringing them within the reach of everyone. Yet our strategy goes beyond the vehicle itself. We are investing in renewable energy sources to help build, power and recycle them. And put in place the global infrastructure to make this happen.

CO2 emissions: FCVs and EVs produce the same: none at all.

Efficiencies in electric vehicle technology go beyond the powerful, light, easily rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. EVs have the highest rate of tank to wheel energy conversion, and the CO2 emissions from source of fuel to driven wheel are massively reduced compared to conventional power units.
EVs have a better conversion rate compared to other fuel cell technology. In addition, FCVs and EVs produce no emissions, and EVs use 100% of the energy it produces (compared to 80% for a standard fuel vehicle).
Nissan’s global commitment to bringing more of zero-emission cars to more people
has led to the formation of new alliances and partnerships with governments and leading organisations.

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