Friday, May 22, 2009

Opel Ampera the Car with Green and Sculpture

Re-Think Mobility
Opel Ampera : A new category of Mobility .With its revolutionary “ Voltec” Propulsion technology the Opel Ampera delivers 60 Km emission-free battery range and more than 500 Km extended range .

Five doors,four seats.370Nm instant Torgue ,160Km/h: a real car for everyday driving .

Find out more about the Opel Ampera and its production launch in 2011


Saving & Winning
Extended Range Electric Vehicles ( E-REV) deliver reduced oil consumption ,support energy diversification, and reduce emissions. That said ,the Opel Ampera is well-suited to the needs of most European drivers,the majority of which commute less than 50 Km from home to work and back.

With its Voltec propulsion system the Opel Ampera can Drive 60 Km on electricity alone ,with zero emissions.And recharging is easy : the Ampera can be plugged into any house 230 v outlet

How far Can you Go ?

Clear Answer : 60 Km an battery and more than 500Km extended range with the 1.4 Liter (82Hp) gasoline –fueled engine –generator provides electricity to power the electric drive unit while simultaneously sustaining the charge of the battery .

Watch the animations to see how far you could drive starting from Geneva ,site of Opel
Ampera’s 2009 world Premiere

What’s the Cost

We estimate that an extended range electric car will save about 1,700 liters of gasoline per year based on 60 Km of daily driving ( 22,000 km per year ) .As a baseline comparison : 0.09 Euro per Km using gasoline priced at 1.16 Euro per liter.

In other words ,the cost of an electrically driven kilometer in the Opel Ampera is about a fifth of the cost of a kilometer driven in a conventional gasoline vehicle,at current fuel price .

What is the Output

The electric drive unit delivers 370 Nm,Zero to 100Km/h acceleration in around 9 seconds ,and a Top speed of 160km/h .Driving electrically is great fun: the instantaneous ,nearly silent torque under your right foot feels like flying .

Fo journeys up to 60 Km the Opel Ampera runs on the electricity stored in the 16-k Wh, lithium-ion battery and emits zero CO2. When internal combustion engine is used to supply the drive unit with electricity ,it runs at a fixed speed ,which makes it more efficient than a normal car engine . In range –extended mode the Ampera consumes only 1.61/100 Km and emits less than 40g/km of CO2.

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