Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Choose Volvo C70 Ice White

Why Choose between a car that’s Practical and the car that you really want?
Volvo C70 Ice White is a true four –seater coupe that effortlessly transforms into a stunning convertible and includes GBP 2,350 worth stylish extras .

Along with volvo’s usual class-leading safety technology the c70 Ice White Comes loaded with the latest features

a) Retractable hardtop
b) Ice White colour
c) 2.0D engine manual ( available in 6 speed powershift as cost option )
d) New interior colour combination ( Off black interior with Leather calcite Cream)
e) New 18” Aluminium Midir Diamond –cut wheels
f) Four-seater with comfortable rear seats for 2 adults
g) 404-litre cargo capacity
h) Door –mounted inflatable curtain airbags

All come with a Price GBP 24,495

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  1. I’ve always like the Volvos. They tend to be really solid build cars.