Friday, March 20, 2009


More functions, fewer buttons: the iDrive system puts everything at your fingertips.

The main task of a vehicle control system is to support the driver. With iDrive, BMW has opened up a new development in driver orientation and vehicle control, enabling you to control all kinds of different functions through just a few instruments in new, logical arrangement.
The small number of control elements really crucial to driving, plus the most frequently used functions, are positioned around and on the steering wheel. These include indicators, windscreen wipers, headlight controls and basic sound system and communication controls. As the driver, you never need to take your hands from the wheel. Key driving data such as speed and navigation directions are presented in your line of sight, on the Info Display or the Head-Up Display.
Most other functions - from the air conditioner and navigation settings to BMW Assist and suspension settings - are activated through the Controller: a single turn-and-push dial in the centre console. It enables intuitive operation in a precise dialogue with the Control Display in the upper middle section of the instrument panel. The Controller can be used with just one hand, and offers haptic feedback so you can use it without even looking at it.
A second Controller in the rear of the cabin enables rear passengers to use the entertainment, comfort, multimedia and navigation systems if desired.

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