Friday, March 20, 2009

A-Class Experience the Majesty

Now even greener
We've significantly reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising performance. This has been achieved in part through weight reduction and improved aerodynamics.

Petrol models include the superb A 150 and A 170, which both offer ample torque and good fuel economy. We’ve also introduced ultra-green BlueEFFICIENCY versions*, incorporating a range of fuel-saving measures. These include an ECO start / stop function for conserving petrol in heavy traffic, standard on the A 150 and A 170. These are now available, and will replace the current A 150 and A 170 models in March 2009.

As for diesel, there’s the A 160 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY – with a 3-door Fuel Economy Variant. This model achieves an impressive 116 g/km CO2 and 64.2mpg.

Discover the transmission systems driving our engines

More dynamism, more style
The new generation A-Class features an array of subtle design touches that lift the car to another level of dynamism and style.

The tail light cluster has been redesigned and the headlamps reshaped, giving the car a broader appearance. We’ve created a new-look front apron with a more angular, sporty-looking air intake, and reworked the radiator grille. In fact, each model line now has its own distinctive grille louvres.

In addition, we’ve made the bonnet slightly shorter and steeper. In combination with the large, sloping windscreen, this adds drama to the car’s signature sweeping shoulder line.

Other details depend on the model line you choose. For example, the Elegance SE is fitted with stunning 16” 10-twin-spoke alloy wheels while the Avantgarde SE features a more athletic 5-spoke design.

Arrive in good shape
In the new A-Class, all occupants enjoy ergonomic, highly supportive seating, with a wide range of standard adjustment for driver and front passenger seats. On the Elegance and Avantgarde, a seat comfort package comes as standard, adding mechanical 6-way adjustment with lumbar support and memory function.

In the rear, the raised seating position gives passengers generous legroom and the seats can be folded down in a 1/3 : 2/3 ratio to optimise load space.

For your listening pleasure
All A-Class entertainment and communications systems use the same stylish, user-friendly headunit that features across the Mercedes-Benz range. They also include Bluetooth® connectivity for safe, hands-free mobile calls.

Fitted as standard, the Audio 20 system offers a 5” colour display, plus radio / single CD player with aux-in socket for plugging in your MP3 player.

In critical driving situations, our acclaimed Electronic Stability Programme (ESP®) comes into its own. Standard on all new Mercedes-Benz models, the system selectively brakes individual wheels and adjusts engine output as and when required to keep you on track.

Enhancing control, reducing risks
At Mercedes-Benz, we’ve always placed enormous emphasis on safety and it shows in the new A-Class. Following extensive testing, the car has earned a five star Euro NCAP safety award and recognition as the safest in its segment.

Naturally, safety begins with accident avoidance – so the new generation A-Class boasts extensive technology to help you stay out of trouble

ESP® works in harmony with anti-lock braking (ABS) and Brake Assist (BAS) systems. During emergency braking ABS helps you maintain steering control, while BAS maximises braking power, bringing the car to a standstill faster.

An invaluable function of ESP®, this system works in tandem with power steering on the A-Class. It recognises critical handling situations – such as oversteer – and determines the optimal levels of steering assistance required to correct them.

If your steering behaviour does not correspond with these levels, the system intervenes by increasing or decreasing the levels of power support. The altered steering wheel resistance physically encourages you to make the steering adjustments required.

The A-Class includes extensive lighting technology as standard, from integrated front fog lamps to turn signal indicators housed in the wing mirrors.

A new addition to the A-Class, adaptive brake lights significantly reduce the risk of rear-end collisions. When emergency braking at speeds over 50 km/h, these fast-flashing brake lights warn the traffic behind, improving drivers’ reaction times.

The A-Class also offers an optional bi-xenon projection beam headlamp package. Benefits include increased range and a cornering light function that illuminates a wider area when turning into roads at low speeds.

Another new feature for the A-Class, Hill Start Assist prevents the car rolling backwards when pulling away on an incline. It holds the car on its brakes just long enough for you to move your foot to the accelerator or apply the handbrake.

This optional system not only activates the wipers when it detects rain on the windscreen – it also monitors how heavily the rain is falling and adjusts wiper speed accordingly.

The new-generation A-Class has received several awards in recognition of its exceptional environmental credentials, including the prestigious ‘Design for Environment’ certificate.

Awarded by the ISO, the certificate assesses a vehicle’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, from production through to disposal. Mercedes-Benz is the only brand in the world to have met the standards required – other certified models include the S-Class, C-Class and B-Class.

The new-generation A-Class demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the environment in a range of ways. While engines remain as powerful as before, we’ve significantly improved fuel consumption and lowered CO2 emissions.

The 3 dr A 160 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY is now available, and is the lowest emitting Mercedes-Benz at 116g/km. It achieves an incredible 64.2mpg.

The A-Class already meets the EU regulation coming into force in 2015, which prescribes a recycling rate of 95 percent. Plastic components with a total weight of 30.8 kilograms can be produced from high-grade recyclates – twice the figure achieved for the previous model.

Furthermore, the Environmental institute Öko Trend has awarded its Car Environment Certificate to the A 160 CDI, taking into accounts its fuel consumption and exhaust / noise emissions in addition to environmental parameters relating to logistics, production, recyclability and the manufacturer’s environment management systems.

BlueEFFICIENCY versions of the A 150 and A 170 are now available, featuring an ECO start / stop function to help save fuel in slow-moving traffic. From March 2009 these will replace the current A 150 and A 170 models.

Even the Rastatt plant where the cars are produced is designed to be green. Innovative energy-saving features include a vast photovoltaic roof to harness solar power.

Our all-embracing, three-year warranty means complete peace of mind for a full three years after you buy your new Mercedes-Benz. There’s no mileage limitation and you’re covered for parts and labour charges incurred in rectifying defects in materials or workmanship.

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