Friday, April 24, 2009

Mercedes SLK series

Here is the Amazing SLK series of Mercedes Benz . See some details and Features available.

Flawless performance
The SLK-Class offers a range of four different engines, each offering an exquisite blend of power and performance. From the new and improved SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR to the top of the range SLK 55 AMG, this is driving at its most exhilarating.

With its 4-cylinder supercharged engine, the SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR was no slouch to begin with. But we’ve now boosted its power output by 21 hp to a gutsy 184 hp. And we’ve cut fuel consumption without compromising performance and response.

SLK 280
One of two V6 units, this 3.0 litre engine now produces greater torque and a hefty 231 hp. This increased power translates into a 0-60 mph time of around 6.3 seconds and ensures a thrilling drive every time you take the wheel.

SLK 350
The larger of the SLK’s V6 engines, this 3.5 litre unit boasts impressive performance figures, including an output of 305 hp at 7200 rpm. But it’s only when you fire up the SLK 350 and hear the sound that you’ll really appreciate the power at your disposal.

The SLK 55 AMG features a handcrafted, naturally aspirated V8 engine that delivers a staggering 360 hp and an incredible rated torque of 510 Nm. This makes it the most powerful engine in its segment, enabling the SLK 55 AMG to sprint from a standstill to 60mph in just 4.9 seconds.

Appreciate the change
We've upgraded transmission technology in the new SLK-Class and included innovative new options. The result is our most crisp and direct changing ever.

In the SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR, SLK 280 and SLK 350, we've revised the six speed manual transmission. But the SLK 55 AMG features the 7G-Tronic automatic transmission as standard, the world's first seven-speed automatic gearbox - F1-style steering wheel shift paddles are also included (7G-Tronic is available as an option on the SLK 280 and SLK 350).

Tuned to perfection
The suspension on the new SLK-Class has been tuned to deliver superlative dynamism and agility, plus state-of-the-art safety.

A new three-link front axle and multi-link independent rear suspension ensure a smooth yet precise drive. And there’s an optional lowered sports suspension, for those craving a ‘racing car’ sensation.

A turn for the better
Behind the wheel, the new SLK-Class feels responsive, poised and agile. It sets the standard for roadsters, largely due to the new direct steering.

We’ve changed to a rack and pinion system, and the result is a flawless connection to every curve and bend. Parameter steering (speed-sensitive power steering) is fitted as standard, with the new Direct Steering system available as an option (standard on the SLK 55 AMG).

Maximum agility and enjoyment
A new option on the SLK-Class, Direct Steer is a speed-sensitive power steering system developed specifically for Mercedes-Benz Roadsters. And it certainly brings out the best in them.

Thanks to an ingenious new spur rack, the system offers a sportier feel and generally reduces the range of steering wheel movement required – whatever the situation. On motorways it ensures good straight-line stability. On winding country roads you’ll enjoy superb touch and response. And in those tight parking spaces, it provides maximum steering assistance.

Direct Steer is fitted as standard to the SLK 55 AMG.

On the road price from £29,440.00
CO2 tax from 24%

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